MicroPython pyboard lite with golden housing
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For getting started with MicroPython this Beginner Set is ideal. It comes with a MicroPython pyboard lite v1.0 with headers inside an aluminium Housing with golden anodisation.

Also included is a Micro USB cable to connect the Set to your PC. The Housing does protect the pyboard lite and gives easy access to the female header pins, that are soldered to the board. Additionally the Housing has labels of the Pins engraved. This makes it very easy to connect a SPI/ I2C device to the board – not only for Beginners.

This Set includes:

  • 1 MicroPython pyboard lite v1.0 with headers pre-soldered PYBLITEv1.0H
  • 1 Micro-USB cable MUSB-1M with MicroPython logo engraved
  • 1 Housing with open lid and golden anodization with laser-engraved for labels on the top
  • machined aluminium with golden anodization
  • laser-engraved labels on the top
  • cut-outs on the top for access to female header pins on the pyboard
  • 2 tactile buttons for comfortable pressing of the buttons on the pyboard
  • 4 small square holes to view the LEDs on the pyboard
  • 4 rubber feet to place the housing securely on a surface
  • slots to access the SD card and USB connector of the pyboard
  • slots to access the I/O connectors from the sides

Please note: This housing is not sand-blasted before it got the golden anodisation. This leads to a more shiny surface of the housing than the ones you can purchase here: HOUSING-OB-1, HOUSING-OR-1, HOUSING-OS-1