MicroPython housing with open lid, black
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£23.95 excl VAT
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The pyboard housing is a beautiful and robust enclosure for all versions of the pyboard. It is made out of machined aluminium which is then anodized to give it colour, and laser-engraved to add labels. This variation has an open lid to allow access to female header pins on the top of the pyboard.

If you have a pyboard with female header pins soldered in, you can buy this housing for it and all the functionality of the pyboard will still be available. On the upper end of the housing it is possible to plug in an SD-card and a micro-USB cable.

In addition to the engraving on the top of the housing there are four small holes to show the LEDs of the enclosed pyboard. The two switches RST and USR are accessible via two tactile buttons that you put into the lid before closing the housing with the four supplied screws. On the bottom there are four rubber feet to make sure the housing sits safely on your desk.

At the moment we have blue and black coloured housings in stock, but different colors are available. Please contact us via email if you would like to order red, green, purple or gold housings.


  • machined aluminium sand blasted with black anodization
  • laser-engraved labels on the top
  • cut-outs on the top for access to female header pins on the pyboard
  • 2 tactile buttons for comfortable pressing of the buttons on the pyboard
  • 4 small square holes to view the LEDs on the pyboard
  • 4 rubber feet to place the housing securely on a surface
  • slots to access the SD card and USB connector of the pyboard
  • slots to access the I/O connectors from the sides

The following is included when you purchase this product:

  • top aluminium lid with cut-outs for header pins
  • bottom aluminium base
  • 2 tactile button extensions
  • 4 rubber feet
  • 4 screws
  • protective bag

Please note: pyboard is not included, header pins are not included.