MicroPython pyboard D adapter with power management IC
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This MicroPython WBUS-DIP28 connector gives access to 24 GPIO in a DIP format, and allows you to power the board with an external battery.

On the back of the connector is one 20-pin mezzanine bus connector for plugging in a TILE-SENSA or TILE-LED36 directly.

On top of WBUS-DIP28 any pyboard D can be plugged in. The Micro-USB ports must face opposite directions: the USB FS is on WBUS-DIP28 and USB HS port is on PYBD.

The battery charger on this board is BQ2407 and charges Li-Ion battery via USB FS port, which is on the WBUS-DIP28.

In addition there can be headers soldered to the adapter and be plugged into a standard bread board.

This DIP adapter can be used with all pyboard D variants.

Learn more about how to use the WBUS-DIP28 here.