Protoskin through-hole X-size v1.0
£2.40 each
£2.00 excl VAT
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Prototype skin, through hole, half-size.

This protoskin is a blank piece of PCB that can be used to prototype circuits that plug directly into the pyboard. The form factor of the protoskin is 'X-skin' which is exactly half the size of a pyboard. It fits in either the X position (bottom half) or Y position (top half). Two of these protoskins will fit on one pyboard at the same time: one in the X- and one in the Y-position.

This item includes 1 PCB and 3 of 8-way male header pins. The header pins are not soldered.

Note: this protoskin is discounted from its normal price because the white silk-screen overlay is difficult to read.