Colour LCD skin with resistive touch v1.1
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The colour LCD skin is a module that is fully compatible with the pyboard. It provides a 160x128 pixel, 16-bit graphical LCD display with backlight, as well as a resistive touch sensor covering the entire screen.

The screen has 160x128 pixels of 16-bit colour, has a backlight with a software-controllable intensity, and a resistive touch sensor which can detect a single force-based touch anywhere on the screen. The display has a custom controller which accepts serial commands via its I2C and UART interfaces, and SPI for receiving raw data.

When sending ASCII and UTF-8 encoded characters to the display, it acts like a simple terminal and prints those characters directly to the screen using the current font and colour setting. New-lines are handled accordingly, along with a few of the basic ANSI escape codes, which allows the display to show the MicroPython REPL (or any other such serial output).

There is a set of special control commands (also sent via I2C and UART) which allow one to perform many operations on the screen, such a drawing primitive shapes, setting colour and font, downloading JPEG images, and getting the current status of the resistive touch sensor. The SPI interface to the display can be used to send raw data to the pixels at a maximum rate of 30 frames per second.

The following resources are available for the LCD display:

This version of the display comes with a connector on the rear side that can be used with jumper wires, and it also fits perfectly in the HOUSING-LCDB-1 enclosure.

Note that this product includes only the LCD160CRv1.0 display. The male headers, housing and pyboard are sold separately.

This display module is compatible with all pyboards: PYBv1.0, PYBv1.1, PYBLITEv1.0, PYBLITEv1.0-AC. It is also compatible with any device that has an I2C port and one additional GPIO line.